Daylight Savings Ends - Fall Back on Nov. 1st

Just a friendly reminder from Body & Soul to turn your clocks back 1 hour.  Enjoy your extra hour of sleep!  We will see you soon!

Ok, so I am extra early... better early than late!  We will try this again next week.  posted: October 24, 2015
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Dry and Brittle should not describe your Hair

With the changes in our weather, we know that there are times when the words, Dry and Brittle can describe our hair.  The weather, water, relaxers, color and environment can take it's toll on our hair, leaving our hair thirsty for conditioning and rejuvenation.  Whether altered by color, relaxed or natural, your hair can benefit from the effects of a keratin treatment.    We know that not all keratin treatments are created equal and we have seen, first hand, the effects of the at-home keratin treatments and the damages that they can cause.  We offer 2 professional lines for our Keratin services;  Keratin Complex and Brazilian Blowout.

The benefits of Keratin treatments include the ultimate in conditioning as the treatment fills in the gaps in the hair strand, which helps the hair to look and feel smoother.  It also cuts down on the drying time and allows you to lower the heat on your tools.  Eliminating prolonged and excessive heat is definitely a benefit as it will minimize damage.  

For Color clients, the keratin locks in your color for longer wear and helps to minimize fading, while keeping the color's vibrancy and brillance. 

For Relaxer clients, the keratin's conditioning components ease the stress of the relaxer.  Similar to Armor All for the car, the keratin gives nutrients and fortifies your hair to help minimize breakage and damage.

For Natural clients, this is the area that we see a myriad of benefits.  There are 3 areas for Natural Clients that we see the greatest benefit. 1. DEFINITION:  For natural hair, definition in texture is always an area that most clients want to address.  Lack of definition is caused by frizz.  When the hair is frizzy, your coils and curls look undefined and haphazard.  The keratin treatments help to de-frizz your tresses as it conditions. 2. CONDITIONING: And the lack of conditioning is another culprit to our coils and curls, making the hair look dry and damaged.  The keratin's conditioning surpasses thick conditioners and deep treatments as it is bonded with the hair to seal and coat the hair.  3: SHRINKAGE:  We all love our beautiful coils and curls, but once they are dry, they tend to disappear to half and sometimes a third of their normal length.  The keratin slightly reduces your curl texture in many cases, no more than 20% to allow your tresses to be elongated yet, bouncy and beautiful.   We know that originally keratin treatments were for those who wanted straight hair but we now know that us curly girls are getting more out of keratin than ever before.  

We offer 2 professional lines of keratin treatments for a reason.  Depending on the benefits that your hair needs, we have an option for you.  No one treatment is right for everyone, so during our consultation, we will ask you all about your activity levels, the chemical history of your hair, the goal for your hair and more.  This is so that we can get the right system for you.  

We offer the following Keratin Treatments:
Express Keratin treatment: lasts 4-6 weeks and is great for relaxer and/or color clients as it can be applied on the same day as a relaxer or color and works with the timing of relaxing or color services.  The cost of this service is $125.

Full Keratin Treatment:  lasts 3-5 months,  Great for children, clients who are natural, transitioning from relaxed to natural, and minimal colorist (highlighting every 4 months or so).  The cost of this service is $350.

Same Day Smoother:  lasts 2 months  This service is great for those in menopause, heavy exercisers and swimmers. This service cost is $200.

Curl Controller:  last 2 months.  This service is for those natural clients that do not want heat applied to their hair, but want to defrizz their tresses.  The cost of this service is $150.

BB Treatment:  last 2 months.  This service is best for clients that want a little more curl reduction and may have some sensitivity to products.  The cost of this service is $250.  

As you can see, there is something for everyone.  We look forward to helping you get your hair in shape so you can put your best hair forward!

At Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa, Inc., we are known for our professionalism and service to our customers.  We take pride in our work and knowing that we give our best.  We offer a wide array of retail products to make sure that you can recreate your look at home and we care about the health of your hair.  We also offer nail and foot care services, waxing, facials and skin treatments.  #Body&SoulSalonDenver #BestSalonDenver #TexturedHairDenver #BrazilianBlowout #KeratinComplex #KeratinTreatmentsDenver #hairyoulovetowear

Ready to make your appointment?  log onto our website or give us a call at 303 388.3339.  

  posted: October 12, 2015
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Teen Clear Skin 101 Event

Teens, have you ever missed out on the social event of the week because of your acne? or went the opposite direction to avoid someone seeing the pimple that has taken up residence on your face?  Or tried the toothpaste, make-up or eyeliner to dry, mask or disguise your acne?  Well, hide no more!  Join us on Saturday, October 10th from 4pm to 5:30pm for a hands-on workshop to tell you what is going on with your skin and to give you all the ammunition you need to fight back and win!  We will help you build your arsenal of knowledge and tools to get your skin clean and clear!  We will have refreshments and a special gift for all who attend.  So Text or DM your friends and tell them to meet you at Body & Soul! RSVP at 303 388 3339 or through our website.  #BodyandSoulSalonDenver #crazyforclearstart #TeenSkin #Dermalogica  #ClearStart #BestSkinDenver  posted: September 29, 2015
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Congratulations to Viola Davis!

Body & Soul would like to congratulate Viola Davis on her ground breaking Emmy!  Ms. Davis is the first African American woman to receive an Emmy for best actress in a Drama Series.  We love Viola in How to Get Away with Murder and we can't wait for Thursday to watch the season premiere.  We also love Ms. Davis' natural hair.  She is wearing it well and making us proud! #ViolaDavis #Body&SoulSalonDenver #HTGAWM posted: September 21, 2015
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Healthy Hair with a Relaxer is a Reality!

We have been getting alot of questions regarding relaxers and whether they are healthy or harmful.  Healthy relaxer services are possible.  We have a few suggestions and steps to keep your hair and scalp healthy with relaxers.  We don't want you pulling out your hair, so here are some helpful hints prior to your next Anti-curl relaxer appointment.  These tips will help to eliminate scalp irritation and burning, whether this is your first or a follow-up Anti-curl Relaxer Retouch.  
1.   Avoid scratching, heavy combing ang brushing at least 2
      days prior
2.   Do not shampoo 3-5 days prior to service as
      shampooing removes the natural protective oils and can
      irritate the scalp
3.   Avoid hairstyles that pulls on the scalp - ie: tight braids,
      buns or ponytails
4.   Avoid rigorous exercise as sweating (salt and waste)
      cause dehydration making the scalp itchy and sensitive
5.   Avoid chemicals that dehydrate the scalp - ie: chlorine
      (swimming), products containing alcohols; such as
      hairsprays and gels
6.   Avoid caffeinated drinks as they over stimulate and
      sensitize the scalp
7.   If you are coming out of braids, please take down braids
      at least 2 days prior to service to allow your scalp to calm
      down after the braid removal process

The following are Signs that your hair is ready for an Anti-curl Relaxer Retouch:

1.   You have converted back to your emergency ponytail
2.   Even after flat ironing or pressing, your hair won't stay
3.   Shedding hair: stretching a relaxer treatment is not
      healthy for your hair
4.   Breakage:  prolonging the time between relaxers can
      cause breakage
5.   Style will not hold: you look great leaving in the morning,
      but an hour or two later your hair looks nothing like when
      you left home

Remember:  Anti-curl Relaxers require regular maintenance in order to minimize breakage and excess damage to the hair.  Follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your stylist to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.  This time span is usually between 6-8 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.  Call with any questions you may have 303 388-3339. posted: September 28, 2014
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At Body & Soul, we offer a variety of extension service, such as i-tip, fusion, tape-in and braided, to name a few.   We know that growing your tresses longer seems to take forever, so why wait?!   Do you want longer, thicker hair or both?   Another benefit of extensions is that you can add a fashion color pop or highlights without altering your hair. Yes, your favorite colors without bleaching or damage.   All the extension techniques listed above can last 6 - 8 weeks and should be removed at that time for the safety and health of your hair.  Your extensions can be reapplied the same day.  Cost of extensions at Body & Soul range from $275 to $400 depending on the recommended technique and does not include the hair.  We do not include the hair as the type, amount, and quality of the hair varies based upon the need of the client.  The cost of the hair tends to be the most expensive part of the extension service, but a great quality hair can last anywhere from 6 months to a year with proper care and maintenance, making the investment reasonable and cost effective.  Once you schedule your Free consultation, we will match your hair color, discuss the recommended techniques for your hair type and answer any questions you may have concerning the process and cost.  Then, when you are ready to schedule, we will order the hair needed for your service.  We will take a deposit at this time as well.   So, are you ready for longer, thicker hair? Call us today!    posted: September 14, 2015
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New Addition to the Body & Soul Family

It is a delight to welcome Nikita to the Body & Soul Family.  Nikita will be available on Fridays and Saturdays beginning on September 11th.  Nikita has been in the industry since 2005 and her skill set includes styling textured hair, hair extensions and making wigs.  Nikita is energetic and full of life, we are excited to have her on our team.  Please join us in welcoming Nikita to the Body & Soul Family! posted: September 2, 2015
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Body & Soul Closed on Saturday, August 29th!

In lieu of the demolition of the medical buildings on 9th and Colorado Blvd., we will be closed on Saturday, August 29th and we will reopen on Tuesday, September 1st.   

For more information about the implosion, please visit 
  posted: August 25, 2015
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Have a safe, fun and free Independence Day!  Enjoy!

from Body & Soul posted: July 4, 2015
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What is textured hair?  Unless your hair is completely straight, you have textured hair.  Textured hair is wavy, curly, coily, tight, compact zigzag and any combination of them.  Chances are, you have textured hair and you are not alone.  65% of the population has textured hair.  As the American culture continues to evolve and we continue to blend as families, our textures continue to blend and evolve.  We know that there are new products popping up on every store shelf with little information to assist you in your choices and many of those products do not take into consideration the needs or condition of your hair.  Then, there is an entirely different issue with all the You tube videos on textured hair how to's that have an abundance of mis-information.  Remember, what works for your favorite You-Tuber may and most likely will not work for you.  The benefits of Coconut Oil are great, but if your hair is not lacking protein, coconut oil will cause more damage than help. Check out our previous blog about Coconut Oil for more info.  So, be very careful about what you commit your hair to.   Here are some basics that hold true with textured hair.  1.  Wavy hair needs Frizz control.  2.  Curly hair needs definition and 3. Coily, Tight and ZigZag textures need hydration and moisture.  These basics hold true in 99% of all textured hair cases.  We offer services to bring Frizz control to the wavy, Definition to the curly and Hydration to the coily, tight and zigzag textures.  We are here to help!  We do texture!  Call Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa, Inc.   303 388 3339.  Let us bring your texture to life! posted: June 18, 2015
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