Extensions 101 Part 2

As promised, this is part 2 of our Basics on Extensions.  

Tape-In Extensions is the next option for Hair Extensions.  They are lightweight, if properly applied, cared for and made with good quality hair, are absolutely phenomenal.  Your natural hair is placed between them and they are clamped around the strands.  Tape-ins would be ideal for all hair types, especially fine hair, causing the least amount of strain and possible damage to thin hair while adding volume and length.  Tape-ins allow you to add color or highlighting without damaging or high commitment to color.  Tape-in extensions are seamless and very natural looking to the eye.  Your choice in curl texture is important depending on how you are planning to wear your extensions because your hair will not be hidden or masked in any way.  Maintenance for Tape-in Extensions includes shampooing as usual, but conditioning and any oils or creams should be put on the hair from the midshaft down. Also, brushing and detangling daily.  Tape-In Extensions can be worn for 6-8 weeks. Another benefit of tape-in extensions is that the hair can be reused, so it is important to have a good quality hair. 

The next type of Extension option is Microlinks, also known as microbead or micro-rings.  Microlink extensions are applied on small sections of hair.  The microlinks are attached with a small plastic or copper coated cylinder, which is simply clamped to attach the hair and the extension hair together.  Microlinks are very discreet.  You can run your fingers through your hair and shampoo and condition as usual.  This method of extensions can be considered as easy maintenance and must be maintained every 8-12 week.  This time span is based upon your hair growth and hair type.  The maintenance process involves removing the microlinks and reapplying them in the proper position to insure that there is no damage or stress on your hair. Keep in mind that your hair will not be hidden or masked.  Just as with Tape-In Extensions, Microlink extension hair can be reused several times, saving you money.

Please feel free to give us a call or email us with any questions you may have in regards to extensions and the proper care for your hair while wearing extensions.  Stay tuned for Part 3 of the Extension 101 Blog.
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