Do I need a deep condition or a trim?


Do I need a deep condition or a trim? 

The answer, unless you have had one within the past three to four months, is yes! And yes, to both!  The decision is not whether or not to get one, but more so, when. 

Trimming the hair keeps the split ends at bay.  If split ends are left to their own, they will continue to split up the lengths causing the hair to be dull, frizzy and tangled. Split ends cause tangling that cause the ends of the hair to break off during combing and brushing. See the professionals at Body and Soul Salon and Day Spa to trim the ends of your hair three to four times per year. We are trained in cutting techniques by Ouidad curly hair cut, the Diva cut and Pivot Point to deliver a cut designed for your individual type and texture. Properly maintaining the ends of the hair will give your style more shine and definition. When you want length like Rapunzel, regular trims will provide a polished finish as the hair grows longer. 

 Many things like chemical treatments, pollution, sun exposure, medications, curling irons, flat irons, climate changes, blow drying, etc., can cause damage to our crowns. Conditioning is the answer. While trimming will maintain the ends of the hair, conditioning will maintain the lengths of the hair. At Body and Soul Salon and Day Spa, we have treatments to fortify the lengths with the proper balance of protein and/or moisture necessary to combat damage. You should be seeking the advice of a professional to help determine the extent of your damage according to the type and texture of your hair.  Your regimen may also require take home retail products to support the in salon services. 

Don’t hurt yourself, but rush to the phone, computer or come to Body and Soul Salon to schedule your deep conditioning service and trim. 

posted: January 7, 2016 - Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa - Blog
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