What is textured hair?  Unless your hair is completely straight, you have textured hair.  Textured hair is wavy, curly, coily, tight, compact zigzag and any combination of them.  Chances are, you have textured hair and you are not alone.  65% of the population has textured hair.  As the American culture continues to evolve and we continue to blend as families, our textures continue to blend and evolve.  We know that there are new products popping up on every store shelf with little information to assist you in your choices and many of those products do not take into consideration the needs or condition of your hair.  Then, there is an entirely different issue with all the You tube videos on textured hair how to's that have an abundance of mis-information.  Remember, what works for your favorite You-Tuber may and most likely will not work for you.  The benefits of Coconut Oil are great, but if your hair is not lacking protein, coconut oil will cause more damage than help. Check out our previous blog about Coconut Oil for more info.  So, be very careful about what you commit your hair to.   Here are some basics that hold true with textured hair.  1.  Wavy hair needs Frizz control.  2.  Curly hair needs definition and 3. Coily, Tight and ZigZag textures need hydration and moisture.  These basics hold true in 99% of all textured hair cases.  We offer services to bring Frizz control to the wavy, Definition to the curly and Hydration to the coily, tight and zigzag textures.  We are here to help!  We do texture!  Call Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa, Inc.   303 388 3339.  Let us bring your texture to life! posted: June 18, 2015 - Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa - Blog
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