Natural Hair is all the rave and you are working hard to keep your beautiful tresses in their best shape and condition.  Someone tells you that coconut oil is the best thing that ever happen to her hair and purchase your first gallon of coconut oil, but find that your results aren't anything to boast about.  Well, Sista-friend, let's chat!  Coconut oil can do wonders for some people but not for everyone.  One of the reasons that coconut oil is touted as the oil to use is because it helps to prevent the loss of protein.  Well, if you have hair that doesn't hold on to it's protein, the coconut oil would be a great oil for you to use.  However, if you have hair that is not lacking in protein and you start to use coconut oil, you may notices dryness and breakage.  The exact opposite of what you were hoping for.  This is because the coconut oil is holding on, even to the excess protein which causes the hair to be over proteinized and brittle.   I know, I know!  No one has ever told you that and you were wondering why you hair did not respond to the super powers of coconut oil.  Don't say I never shared anything with you.
So, now let's talk Black Castor Oil.  Castor Oil can be great for thick natural hair, but it is not beneficial for fine to medium hair.  Castor Oils can be thick and sticky.  If the castor oil is thin and manageable, it is usually not pure castor oil.  The most popular is Jamaican (also known as Black Castor Oil).  It is dense, heavy and dark in color.  Lighter hair colors should avoid Jamaican Castor oil as it can stain and alter your color.  With color and stickiness aside, many state that after using Castor oil on their hair, their facial hair began to grow thicker as well.  For these reasons,  I recommend a blend of oils that has a carrier oil such as Jojoba or Sunflower oils that will penetrate the hair shaft so that the benefits of the oil are not just a coating but working with the growth process of the hair.  Remember heavier oils tend to only coat the hair and can cause scalp issues from the buildup of products.  Here at Body & Soul, we offer two different oils: Mizani Supreme Oil and Moroccan Oil Treatment.  For those who need Coconut oil, it can be added to either of these oils.  This way, you will get the benefits of the oil blends for deep penetration, nourishing fatty acids and vitamins for softness, conditioning, flexibility and shine.  

So, stop by Body & Soul at 4118 E. 8th Avenue for your oil and remember to hydrate your hair often.  We are here to help!  We love your Natural Tresses and have options for you!  See you soon! posted: April 30, 2015 - Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa - Blog
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