Healthy Hair with a Relaxer is a Reality!

We have been getting alot of questions regarding relaxers and whether they are healthy or harmful.  Healthy relaxer services are possible.  We have a few suggestions and steps to keep your hair and scalp healthy with relaxers.  We don't want you pulling out your hair, so here are some helpful hints prior to your next Anti-curl relaxer appointment.  These tips will help to eliminate scalp irritation and burning, whether this is your first or a follow-up Anti-curl Relaxer Retouch.  
1.   Avoid scratching, heavy combing ang brushing at least 2
      days prior
2.   Do not shampoo 3-5 days prior to service as
      shampooing removes the natural protective oils and can
      irritate the scalp
3.   Avoid hairstyles that pulls on the scalp - ie: tight braids,
      buns or ponytails
4.   Avoid rigorous exercise as sweating (salt and waste)
      cause dehydration making the scalp itchy and sensitive
5.   Avoid chemicals that dehydrate the scalp - ie: chlorine
      (swimming), products containing alcohols; such as
      hairsprays and gels
6.   Avoid caffeinated drinks as they over stimulate and
      sensitize the scalp
7.   If you are coming out of braids, please take down braids
      at least 2 days prior to service to allow your scalp to calm
      down after the braid removal process

The following are Signs that your hair is ready for an Anti-curl Relaxer Retouch:

1.   You have converted back to your emergency ponytail
2.   Even after flat ironing or pressing, your hair won't stay
3.   Shedding hair: stretching a relaxer treatment is not
      healthy for your hair
4.   Breakage:  prolonging the time between relaxers can
      cause breakage
5.   Style will not hold: you look great leaving in the morning,
      but an hour or two later your hair looks nothing like when
      you left home

Remember:  Anti-curl Relaxers require regular maintenance in order to minimize breakage and excess damage to the hair.  Follow the maintenance schedule recommended by your stylist to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.  This time span is usually between 6-8 weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows.  Call with any questions you may have 303 388-3339. posted: September 28, 2014 - Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa - Blog
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