Tip #5 for Natural Hair Care

If you have been following and personally applying the Natural Hair care tips to your hair, you should be starting to see more definition in your personal curl pattern. For those of you who are still dealing with curly hair and relaxed hair on the ends, this process can seem long as you will not see as much definition because of the relaxed hair on the ends.  Depending on your confidence level and the length of relaxed hair left to grow out, this is the time that you can either make the BIG CHOP or move towards a few protective styles to allow you to continue to grow your hair out and slowly trim away the relaxer.  If you are growing and slowing trimming out the relaxer, a traditional trim would be in order.  However, if you are wearing your curls proudly, a curly cut or trim is in order.  As women of color, we have traditionally trimmed hair once it is dry and flat ironed.  With a curly cut or trim, we want the hair to be dry as well.  The reason it is important to cut curly hair dry is because when the hair is wet, it elongates, but as the hair dries and coils it because shorter, sometimes up to 3 times shorter.  Cutting curly hair wet would result in a much shorter style than desired.   We also cut the curly hair where it lives.  If it falls at your chin level, we trim at the chin level only removing the ends.  If you are going for a specific cut, the first question you want to address is the volume factor.  If you like volume, layers would be a great option, however, if volume is what you want to avoid, nix the layers and go for a blunt type of cut.  Remember to get your hair trimmed every 6 to 8 weeks by a professional, who knows first what a trim is and secondly how to trim curly hair.  Tip #5 is Never be afraid to trim your curls, trimming will only breathe new life into them.  Curly hair is wonderful and easy to take care of, but it can look dull, fuzzy and lifeless if it is not trimmed and managed properly.  There is nothing better than seeing beautiful, bouncy, vibrant curly hair.  So, stop into Body & Soul Salon just outside of Cherry Creek near Rose Medical Center and let us trim your curls.  We are excited to take care of your hair.  Give us a call at 303 388-3339 or log onto our website to schedule your appointment online.    Stay tuned for our final tip.  We will talk about protective hair styles and options.  Tell a friend about our natural hair care tips and let us know your natural hair questions through our contact us page on our website.  We would love to hear from you.  www.denversalonandspa.com posted: September 2, 2013 - Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa - Blog
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