Tip #4 for Natural Hair Care

Now, that we are properly shampooing our hair for maximum curl, lets talk about mainitaining the moisture level in our curls.  Our daily routines and our environment can cause our beautiful tresses to dry out quickly.  Also, when we shampoo, we are removing the moisture from the hair as well.  So, in order to minimize the moisture loss and keep the hair hydrated, we co-wash more than shampooing.  Co-washing is simply put, shampooing with conditioner instead of shampoo.  This will eliminate the striping process while manually removing debris and dirt, leaving your curls moisturized.  Remember that natural hair care products are booming and there are also lots of products that aren't all they are talked up to be.  For example, I recently reviewed a product that was a shampoo and conditioner in one called a co-wash cleanser.  Remember that shampoos are designed to strip products, debris and dirt from the hair and conditioners are designed to hydrate and treat the hair.  You can't have both in one bottle, so be careful as you shop for products to aid you in the natural hair process.  Better yet, Stop by Body & Soul and let us help you get exactly what you need.    The number of times we shampoo and co-wash are also important.  Unless you truly are putting your head in the sand daily, you do not need to wash your hair daily.  We recommend that you shampoo or co-wash a maximum of once per week.  For those of you that are faithful to your workout, the goal is to rinse the hair to remove the salt out of the hair and then recondition.  The only time we recommend you shampoo over co-washing is when you are swimming.  We recommend applying conditioner to your hair prior to swimming in order to protect your hair against the excessive drying that chorine can cause.  So enjoy the freedom of your natural curl and let us know if we can help.  We are located near Cherry Creek and Rose Medical Center.  We are salon professionals in a professional atmosphere.   We will see you soon!  posted: August 24, 2013 - Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa - Blog
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