Tip #3 for Natural Hair Care

So Sorry for the delay in getting Tip #3 and subsequent tips to you.  I can be computer challenged and needed time to figure out what I did wrong when I initially tried to send them.  So without further delay, here is Tip #3.  All Shampoos and Shampoo techniques are not created equal.  Sulfates are in approximately 90% of all shampoos on the market today.  Why?  Because they add the beautiful foamy lather that we have come to associate with cleaning the hair.  Sulfates, most common, Sodium Lauryll Sulfate (SDS) is a skin irritant and has the ability to damage the skins barrier(protective) layer as well as, enhance allergic responses.  But the reason we are most concerned is that it has been implicated in premature hair loss and maybe the cause of hair thinning as it impairs the ability to grow hair because it can actually corrode the hair follicle.  SDS has also been know to cause scalp irritation, eczema, dandruff and other scalp conditions.   But enough of why we don't want to use Sulfates.  Let's talk about how to use our Sulfate Free Shampoo!  When wearing your hair in it's natural curly state, the shampooing process is quite different.  You will want to massage the hair and avoid the normal finger spread scrub of your usual shampooing.  There is nothing wrong with the finger spread shampooing if you are wearing a smooth or relaxed style, but this type of shampooing for curly hair will create frizz and excessive volume.  Keeping your hands flat to the head and gently massage the hair in a circular directions will allow your best curls to come forward.  Remember that Sulfate Free Shampoos have little to no lathering, but this does not mean that your hair and scalp are not getting clean.  Try out the new technique for more definition in your curls.  Stop by Body & Soul today and check out our Sulfate Free Options.  We are near Cherry Creek, Rose Medical Center and coming soon Trader Joes!  Stay tuned for tip #4: Co-Washing your hair


posted: August 5, 2013 - Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa - Blog
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