Tip #2 for Natural Hair

At Body & Soul, Natural hair is not just an after-thought.  We know that options are important in today's fast pace, everchanging world.  We must be ready to adapt and change at a moments notice, and natural hair is no different.  Our 1st tip for Natural Hair was to have patience.  In other words, give it a chance...      Our 2nd Natural Hair tip is Moisturize!  Dry Hair is life-less, dull and can be frizzy and unmanageable. With Natural Hair styles, moisture plays a major role in the maintenance and care of your style.  The trick is to find the right product to get the result that you are after.  Some moisturizes are designed to add weight the the hair and elongate the hair, giving your coils less definition and the appearance of longer hair.  While other moisturizers will define your curls and minimize frizziness.  So the moisturizing product that you choose should depend on the style that you are trying to accomplish.  Again, as we discussed with our 1st tip, always start with your hair wet, not dripping but wet.  This allows for the products you are going to apply to penetrate the hair and helps with work-ability of the product.   Water alone is not a moisturizer and will dry out your hair.   Always follow wetting your hair with a moisturizer.  Apply the moisture in sections, using your fingers to detangle the hair and work the product through each section.  Once you have work the product through from scalp to ends, style your hair with your fingers and let it dry.  You can sit under a dryer or air dry, but do not touch your hair until it is dry.  Once the hair is dry, you can lift and style to your liking.   Try several different products until you find the products that you love in your hair.  At Body & Soul, we carry several natural hair care products...from Mizani true textures, DevaCurl and more...including Redken's Curvaceous Ringlets.  Stop by Body & Soul near Cherry Creek and Rose Medical Center or log onto our website http://www.denversalonandspa.com to schedule your Free hair consultation.    Remember:  Moisture is key to beautiful, healthy Natural Hair.  Stay Tuned for Natural Hair Tip #3: All Shampoos and Shampoo Techniques are not created equal for Natural Hair!   posted: July 1, 2013 - Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa - Blog
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