What do you really know about extensions?
Here at Body & Soul, we offer several types of hair extensions, because we know that hair extensions are not one type fits all.   Our expertise on hair extensions is not limited to what is seen on YouTube or in the latest video.  We specialize in quality Hair extension services for the health of your hair.  We are aware that there are a lot of stylist that can give you a nice looking weave, but the aftermath is hair loss, thinning edges and traction alopecia just to name a few.  But we realize that healthy hair is the key to beautiful hair extensions.
So, we will share with you a series of extension information over the next four Fridays.  So, let’s start with some extension basics.
First, a Consultation!  This is the most important step and should be an open communication between you and the stylist.  The desired style, hair color, and lengths should all be shared with the stylist. Ask all the questions you have.  This is also the time for the stylist to share with you how the style needs to be maintained, type of extensions best for you, initial evaluation of your hair and if the style is even an option for you.  Honesty is always best and if your hair won’t allow for a certain technique or style, we would rather offer a service that is beneficial to you than a service that you will ultimately not be happy with.  
Cost of the hair is not included in the extension services at Body & Soul.  We will assist in the selection process or even pick up the hair for you, but you are responsible for the cost of the hair.  If we pick up the hair for you, a deposit for the estimated cost of the hair will be taken at the time the appointment is made. 
After the initial consultation and appointment scheduling,  the stylist should evaluate your scalp and hair to determine the types of extensions that would best suit your hair and scalp.  This process should be carried over to the shampoo bowl.  This will determine your hair texture and allow the stylist to evaluate what tools and techniques will be needed. 
Now, let’s get into the types of extension options.
Braided or Sewn Hair Extensions
Sewn-in extensions are the most common.  They are ideal for coarse, curly or thick hair because the thickness of the client’s hair can be masked with various braiding techniques, allowing the client’s hair to be completely hidden or only a desired section of the clients hair left out to give a more natural appearance.  Sewn-in Hair Extensions allow the client more styling options and freedom to wear hair types, color and textures that they choose.    This type of Hair Extension technique can be worn by most, but is not the best alternative for clients with minimal texture and fine hair.  Although this extensions service can be worn for 4-6 weeks,  regularly scheduled maintenance  is highly recommended to keep the client’s hair and extensions clean and to avoid the client’s hair from dreading under the extensions.   Many times clients prolong the wear of sewn-in extensions, because the extensions still look good, but the client’s natural hair and scalp need to be tended to and need to be addressed, so the maximum time of 6 weeks should be adhered to.   When receiving sewn-in extensions, the braids should not be too tight and the extensions should not be worn past the recommended time as traction alopecia can be caused from the pulling of braids and the weight of the extension hair pulling on the client’s natural hair.   If the extensions are maintained properly and the client is unable to remove the extensions in the recommended timeline, a rethreading service should be completed to tighten up the extensions to avoid stress on the client’s natural hair, until the removal and reapplication process can take place.  Re-threading is not always an option.  Many factors decide if re-threading can be completed such as the condition of the client’s natural hair, extension hair and braids as well as how the extensions have been maintained.  Sewn-in extensions can take 3 to 5 hours depending on the type of braid pattern, head size and sewn-in technique required for the desired look and the amount of hair that a client desires. 
Pronto Weaves
Pronto weaves, also known as Quick weaves, are ideal for most hair types and textures, clients who like to switch up often and also love versatility. This technique also allows the client’s hair to be completely hidden or only a desired section of the clients hair left out to give a more natural appearance to the hair extension application.  This method is not recommended for fine hair clients if intermingling the pronto into the clients natural hair as the removal process is very stressful to thin, fine hair and can result in hair loss.  Pronto weaves last up to three weeks.  This method is called a pronto because it takes no more than one hour to install. If extensions are shampooed and conditioned they will slip out because this method is applied by using adhesives.  This is also the reason this technique is considered temporary; however, if you are looking for something quick, temporary and inexpensive I would recommend a pronto. When removing a pronto you have to be mindful of the amount of tension to avoid damage to your own hair.  We always recommend professional removal for the health and safety of your natural tresses.
Body & Soul offers a wide variety of Hair, Nail and Skin care services.  We specialize in textured hair, color and extensions.  We are on 8th Avenue, just East of Colorado Blvd. Please feel free to call 303 388 3339 with any questions you have about any of our services.  Check out
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posted: March 4, 2016 - Body & Soul Salon and Day Spa - Blog
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